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Week Thirty Three: 52 Weeks of Creativity

This ‘All Legal & shit!’ card was made for two lovely chaps who recently had a little shindig to convert their civil partnership to the now legally recognised marriage.

legal card

Having had a big shindig a few years back, this was more of a laid back get-together, but nonetheless I wanted to recognise that this was a big-flippin-deal – after all they’d had to wait long enough for it to be ‘allowed.’


The message is hand stamped onto cotton tape using my old John Bull printing press and the stitched onto lovely and soft red wool felt, and finished with a heart button. Simple but effective!

If you’d like a card featuring a custom message then all you need to do is ping me an email.  MrsM.x


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Week Thirty Two: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

Eeeeek I am getting a tad behind with this challenge I set myself of making something each week for the entirety this year. Whilst I have made something – I’ve not always managed to finish it off or just sit down to photograph and blog about it.

It’s a perfect summing up of the challenges myself and all one man band small business owners face.

I always knew deep down – in the lovely land of denial – that I’m a bit rubbish at juggling as many plates as I’d like – or think I need to – and hitting month nine of this challenge has really brought it home.

However I am keen to tick 52 makes off come the end of Decemeber, so I shall spend the next few weeks (however long a ‘few’ turns out to be!) catching up.

So without further delay here is make 32 – a little reminder/incentive for me..



A cute, sparkly CREATE banner, made from teeny tiny sparkly letters bought as a pack from Paperchase, mounted onto card and then cut out and threaded onto cotton and simply taped onto the wall of my makeshift desk area.


(Oh FYI…I’ve not been including commissions in this challenge – just additional stuff I’ve made for me, ideas for new products I’ve had percolating or as gifts from  me to others.)



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Week Thirty One: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

There’s a lot of social media out there at the moment for us all to lose ourselves in. Personally i’m a big fan of Instagram and can often be found having a sneaky scroll through the pictures on my feed.

One of the people I follow is a lady called Sophie and her feed can be found under  the name Grain and Knot – unsurprisingly she makes beautiful things out of wood, and runs workshops from her base in London where you can have a go yourself.

Recently she ran a competition to win a bucket load of her goodies – that was tempting in itself, but being a crafty chick she set an appropriately creative challenge to be in with a chance to win the stash.

The rules of entry were to design a postcard – simple. Except when i got my thinking cap on, i couldn’t decide how I wanted to approach it – straight out arty farty, or a  bit of humour, or a souvenir approach of my home town.

Thankfully Sophie decided to allow more than one entry per person so I decided to submit two. The first my usual embroidered style and the second a more humorous approach.



The first postcard features lovely wool felt flowers that you will have spotted  elsewhere in my work and the embroidered quote ‘Be Always Blooming’ all finished off with a couple of sparkly butterfly shaped sequins. All mounted on denim from a pair of discarded jeans.

blooming postcard

The second is a bit of departure style wise for me. I found the ‘Dear Fork’ piece on  Pinterest and it made me chuckle and it felt totally appropriate for Sophie given that she makes beautiful hand carved spoons.

To make it work together I decided to hand embroider a place setting in simple black embroidery thread – the teeny tiny stitches were a bit of a challenge! I then typed the letter onto the plate using my old Smith Corona typewriter – this was a first for me and i’m delighted with how this worked, so expect to see this technique again! For added ‘authenticity’ the fabric I used is an old piece of table cloth – and voila here it is…

dear fork postcard


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Week Thirty: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I’m still in the midst of wedding fever, so this weeks offering for my 52 weeks of creativity challenge is this “Happily ever after” wedding card.


Featuring MrsM’s signature hand-stamped style, mounted on rich purple wool felt and embellished with pretty tortoiseshell button hearts.

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Week Twenty Nine: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

A little while back I was approached by my friend Jonathan to produce something very special for his fiancé that he could present to her on their wedding day.

It was such a brilliant idea, and I was so flattered to have been asked that I …

….bottled it and said how lovely, thanks for thinking of me, but nope, no, sorry, but I couldn’t do it – I didn’t have the skills.

Well thankfully for me Jonathan persisted, sent me an example of something I’d made previously that he wanted tweaked and somehow managed to get me to say yes, and look….LOOK how bloomin’ brilliant these turned out!


All kudos to my clever friend for the brilliant vision he had, and I am delighted (& a tad relieved!) that I managed to execute it for him.


As you can see from the pictures I hand embroidered the brides new married name on one Converse boot (something ‘new’) and on the other added a hot pink felt Gerbera inspired flower (this is the flower that featured in the bride bouquet and grooms button hole) I decided to add a vintage button (something ‘old) to the centre of the flower, affixed with blue thread (something ‘blue’)


My thanks go to Jonathan for having faith in me, and also to the lovely message I received after the wedding from the new Mrs Bray telling me she ‘bloody loves them.’

I may have to make myself a MrsMac pair now…




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Week Twenty Eight: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

When planning new products for the shop sometimes ideas just waft into my brain (usually when I should be concentrating on something else) or I’ll spot something – a button or a piece of fabric that’ll get the old grey cells fired up.

However, just occasionally I try and be all #girlboss like and have a proper strategy session where I think about building on existing products. This latter approach is also the more sensible grown-up and businesslike option as it tends to keep materials costs down.

However I must confess I’m not always that disciplined at this approach, partly because doing things like ‘strategy sessions’ is what saw me running screaming from my previous 9-5, and partly because I tend to be a bit like Dory and find myself going ‘ooh look shiny fabric’ at any given moment.


But like all good tales, there is an exception to the rule, and voila this weeks make is just that. Building on the hand stamped lettering format that I use for some of my cards, I’ve developed a range of notebooks.

Now I’m a bit of a stationery fiend – I can’t resist a new pen or quirky eraser, and the first of these off the making table –  ‘Thoughts, Hopes & Dreams’ was just for me!

During my testing, I’ve been really pleased by the great quality kraft style notebooks I’ve managed to source. Lightweight, but not too floppy – with plain 150 gsm pages. Onto the cover of which I have mounted my MrsM elements.

notebooks montage

Here is a small selection – which I shall be building on and adding to my shop in due course. The notebooks will be available in A4 and A5 and can be customised to feature your own message and can be sent out blinged or more au-naturelle.



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Week Twenty Seven: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

Love is in the air in 2016 judging by the amount of weddings we’ve been lucky to be invited to this year.

This week’s make was a gift for one of those weddings – the new Mr & Mrs Matthews.

matthews heart

An embroidered padded heart, featuring their married name and wedding date – so hopefully Paul will always be reminded when the anniversary draws near!

heart detail

The wording is hand embroidered with white sashiko thread, onto pale cotton. The reverse is a floral print in complementary greys. All finished with silver ribbon and a vintage button.

lorraine and paul heart


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Week Twenty Six: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

This year saw my lovely friend Vicki celebrate a landmark birthday – the big 5-0. I didn’t want to simply stitch her age as I thought she’d get a tonne of those, but I was struggling to think of an alternative…enter Mr Mac who thought of this rather witty remark.


Vix is a  good sport so I had a hunch she’d find this funny and not offensive, and thankfully I was right!

The message is stamped on to cotton tape with my old John Bull printing press and hand-stiched onto soft grey cotton felt and blinged up with some sequins.

midlife crisis card

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Week Twenty Five: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at MrsM HQ – we’ve had our ace builder Jon working on footings for our new extension which will house my new sewing room (more on that later) the garden has gone a bit mental thanks to this crazy weather and thus needing some serious TLC (we have an acre so ‘tending’ it can be a bit full on) and I’ve had a little flurry of wedding commissions which always bring a smile to my face, what with being a bit of a secret romantic.

I’m also working on a really big (well big for me!) piece of embroidery which will be unveiled in due course, but for that I wanted to work in some layers and texture, for that I needed to brush up on some existing stitching skills and have a try at some new ones.

week 25

So for this weeks creativity challenge I sat down with my Anchor Embroidery ‘100 Embroidery Stitches’ book, published by J&P Coats in 1967 and tried out a few stitches. Most of the work I do is typographical and linear so I tend to use framing and edging stitches. Although occasionally I do like to bust out a satin stitch as spotted in my ‘Courage’ pennant.

embroidery book cover

I do have some newer reference books, but I find the illustrations and descriptions in this one easy to follow…in most instances – Bullion stitch might be an exception!

embroidery book

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Week Twenty Four: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I long a go pinned a picture of a sparkly coat hanger on my Pinterest page with the intention of working out how the heck to best do it.

Well with the help of the wonderful world wide web you don’t even need to flex the old grey matter, you can simply google and voila, some helpful soul will have (usually) supplied the answer.

In this instance I found two ways to tackle blinging up your bog standard wooden coat hanger and opted to try the method suggested by Something Turquoise which you can see here.

Picture from:
Picture from:


Now, Jen the human behind Something Turquoise is American – hence the measurements are given in yards and feet, and me being a bit eager to crack on I didn’t bother to turn once again to my trusty computer and convert this into metres…but I can tell you that 5 metres of sequins won’t quite do it!

So if you can all be good sports and ignore the bare bit, and trust me when I say that i’ll patch it up once my delivery arrives!


I don’t intend to use this as a wedding hanger (as suggested on the ST blog) but have something entirely different in mind…which will be revealed in due course, so watch this space! It’s also inspired me to try a new product idea..woo!

hanger montage


PS: Can we all just take a minute to enjoy, lust, drool and covet her gorgeous sewing room!