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So some of you may have been wondering where the heck I disappeared off to for the past month or so? You hadn’t noticed? Oh… šŸ™

..Well for those of you that might have been a tad concerned, here’s a little update..and don’t worry it’s all good. In fact it’s better than good – it’s edge of your seat, screaming at the top of your lungs AWESOME!

Where to start… hum..the beginning? Usually the place where most people start a tale isn’t it? I don’t though…I always read the last page of a novel first. Weird? Maybe. Habit I picked up when I was in my morose know I had to know what happened in case I died before I finished. Yep – told you I was morose. Please note PAST TENSE. Very important. In fact I got described as irritatingly optimistic recently..and I take that as a compliment Ā šŸ™‚

Right…may I present you with The end:

Eclectica of Ludlow


I know RIGHT..edge of your seat, pant wettingly FAB-U-LOUS! I went and opened my own shop, here in Ludlow, the town that I call home. Pinch me!

Now some background; Ā since leaving the big, serious ‘proper’ aka office job in London 3 years ago I’ve had a part-time shop job which I’ve really enjoyed. It was initially intended as a decompress, an antidote to my previous 14 hour days, but as is often the case when we are not searching for ‘it’ it developed into so much more.

I learned heaps about myself, met my brilliant colleague – and now fellow director – Vicki, an insanely warm, talented human being who eased me into country life and reminded me that I was more than my career…and ego. (and continues to do so!)

The circumstances of our then retail employment were going to change and we got chatting – there might have been prosecco involved – and a plan was hatched. Fast forward a few bumps, false starts, dashed hopes and on the 4th November 2016 we were given keys to the beautiful grade 2 listed building in the picture above.

The end of November sees a big event in Ludlow’s calendar – the Medieval Fayre, an occasion that brings many visitors into the town and marks the start of the festive season with the switch-on of the Christmas lights. We had to be open.


We owe a LOT of favours! We got to see first-hand how lucky we are in the amazing friends we’ve got, not one said ‘too busy’ or ‘nope’ or ‘what’s in it for me’ it was absolutely humbling and if i’m honest a tad over-whelming. People painted, cleaned the toilet (waaaay above & beyond…Kaz you are a LEGEND) de-pigeon pooped the courtyard and so, so much more. Mr Mac is in my good books for life after pandering to every request, no matter how insane they sounded….Gold mirror ball? Yep, check!


We have had the most fun over the past 8 weeks, I know I’ve drank a great deal of coffee, lost count of how many chocolates I’ve scoffed, laughed and shed a fair few happy, over-tired and emotional tearsĀ but it’s all been worth it as we have been bowled over by our first month of trading. We’ve had a phenomenal amount of support from locals, visitors and our fellow business owners.

Here’s to many, many more months and years.

Oh and where does that leave MrsMacMakes? Still here, looking forward to working on your commissions, and if you happen to find yourself in Ludlow – do pop a long to the ‘freshest independent shop’ and say hello! You might spot one or two products that look familiar!

You’ll find us at 56 Mill Street, SY8 1BB or you can stalk usĀ via our websiteĀ or social media