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DIY Copper Pots

Regular readers will have spotted me mentioning the building site/renovation project that is our wee cottage. One of the BIG projects we ticked-off earlier this year was our new single storey extension that houses the family bathroom and my sewing room.

Due to the age of the house,  we had to completely rewire & re-plumb, and due to the fact it’s built from stone both the wiring and pipework are surface mounted – ie visible, rather than sunk into the walls as per more modern homes.

The plumbing pipework is copper and I have totally fallen in love with its warm tones. I’ve painted the bathroom in two shades of grey and the contrast between the dark grey & copper is really beautiful, thus I’ve gone a bit of a copper mission of late!

IMG_5560 (1)

One of the things I’ve been on the hunt for is copper plant pots, but have been struggling to find the sizes I want, so decided to DIY it instead and actually I’m really pleased with the results.

I had a heap of Terracotta pots & dishes so decided to pimp those up using a can of Rust-Oleum copper spray paint & B&Q paint left over from painting the walls.


The process is really simple – give the pots a good clean if they’ve been previously used. Dry off and then get to work with the paintbrush & spray can. Simples!

I found my pots needed two coats for a solid coverage. The spray paint isn’t terribly even but I rather like the patchy effect as it stops them from looking too new.

The great thing about painting them myself is that as my plant collection grows I can simply paint some more!