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Is It A Numbers Game?

Today MrMac has been busy removing the stairs in our cottage ready for some swanky new oak ones to be installed on Friday. So i’ve been keeping out his way by digging the veggie beds and planting some seeds. (potatoes, beetroot, spinach and onions if you are a fellow green fingered peep and want to know these things!)

I find repetitive tasks like digging are a great opportunity to let the mind  have a wander and during todays’ activities I got pondering social media and specifically the numbers of followers and likes, and what that means to my little handmade business.



I’ve always tried not to be too reliant on the likes of FB for marketing – after all it’s a free resource and lets be honest, businesses that usually claim to get you seen and increase sales tend to like to charge a few quid. So up until recently I’ve been content to just let things grow quietly and organically on that front.

However I must have had a wobble or something as a few weeks back I found myself clicking on the ‘hey lets give Facebook some money to advertise my post’ button.  Well for the princely sum of £7 I received… extra likes or followers which unsurprisingly equalled zero extra sales. Hmmmm.

So today as I was digging I started pondering why I was I now measuring myself by the numbers? I think the real issue is that perhaps I am feeling a bit neglectful of my little handmade business – I spend a lot of time working IN it – the actual making, but if i’m honest the working ON it; updating stock on my website here and on WowThankYou, the promotional stuff and so on always takes a back seat. The reason why? Well after shovelling more soil I came to the conclusion that the reason is two-fold;  it’s partly because it often involves sitting at a computer which just makes me want to poke my eyes out and also that I don’t feel it’s something i’m very good at.

So a timely introduction to the Handmade Business Directory has got me taking some baby steps in the right direction and I suspect you might be hearing more from me as time goes on and I feel less shonky in this area.

…Oh and I’m going to stop thinking that those numbers define me. Sadly due to the influence of social media on our lives these days it is easy to judge our self-worth and perceived success by the amount of clicks. So to my fellow makers and small business owners I’d like to say remember that you are amazing. You got started so don’t compare yourself to others (super hard sometimes I know!) Just enjoy what you do and I reckon that’ll shine out.