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Personal projects

Myself & Mr Mac have been busy renovating our wee house and as a result of some re-jigging I have had the opportunity to try a couple of personal projects.

bench cover

In our new kitchen we have a bench seat that needed a cushion pad – this certainly got the old brain cells working and gave me the opportunity to give my Nan’s vintage Singer machine a good run.

The finished result does the job, close-up some of the stitching isn’t the neatest due to having to wrestle so much fabric with one hand, whilst operating the machine with the other (I may one day cave & buy an electric!) but overall i’m rather chuffed with the finished result and think it looks rather effective in our small space….however I don’t think i’ll be branching out into upholstery anytime soon!

cushion front


With the cover under my belt I decided that a cushion was also needed – this was a lot more straight forward & i’m pleased with the contrast between the two fabrics.

cushion back

Both fabrics used were sourced from Ikea and I am delighted with the quality of them.