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Prototyping a new bunting idea

I am really lucky that I have a couple of bricks & mortar, real life shops stocking my Makes. One of those is TigerLily in the beautiful city of Ludlow.

The past week or so I have been holed up in my studio (aka the Caravan) prototyping a DIY/build your own bunting idea that I am hoping they will stock.

The initial phase was chatting to the owner to gauge the general look and feel that she would like – after all it must match with the aesthetic she has for her business, and that’s important to me too, as there is zero point in me cracking ahead with something that will jar and simply not sell.

After a bit of a chinwag it was decided that something in neutral black, white and grey tones would fit the bill.  Working with a clean and simple palette it was important to me that the overall effect was nice and strong.


Before throwing myself in to MrsMacMakes full time I spent 15 years in publishing on a design desk and a nice chap called Dave once took me under his wing and taught me a lot a bout typography and fonts. So when looking for a strong effect I knew that’s where I had to start.


Once I’d settled on a font – Chaparall Pro Bold if you’re interested – then the rest of the elements started to slot together, and it came together so much better than I dared to allow myself hope! Now if you can all keep your fingers crossed that the nice folk over at TigerLily decide to stock it i’d be most grateful!