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Week Thirty Four: 52 Weeks of Creativity

Back in week 24 …which feels like waaaay longer than 10 weeks ago,  I tackled a sequin covered coat hanger

It was whilst making that, that I had a lightbulb moment for a Christmas present for the lovely ladies in my life…who it has to be said are all magpies and have amazing bling collections. My idea? Sparkly, sequinned-up-to-the-whaaaazoooo jewellery hangers!

jewellery hangers

I ordered children’s wooden coat hangers from an Ebay seller, sourced some of those twist in hooks from our local DIY store;  FYI I wanted silver hooks to match the colour of the hanger – which proved to be easier said than done! The more readily available ones seem to be brass, so my options for the size of hook was a bit limited. However I am pleased with the proportions of the ones I did manage to find.

Twisting the hooks in wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated, but with a bit of perseverance and a few cups of tea I got there – I opted to put six in each to allow enough space so things don’t get tangled.


The sequins I also sourced via Ebay, I wanted to find a seller of wholesale rolls rather than lengths, which took me to a Chinese source. The rolls that arrived are great, and I can’t fault the quality. However I ordered, gold, silver & white. The white was remarkably similar to the silver hence you can only see two hangers here and not my originally planned three!

It was then a case of following the ‘how to’ from the Something Turquoise blog once again and voila. If you decide to give this a whirl – do use her ‘toothbrush tip’ it’s total genius and works a treat.