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Week Thirty Eight: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

When I made the card for my friends wedding (back in week 33) I realised that my own selection of cards for same sex marriages was ..well non existent.

So to rectify that and also acknowledge the fact that October marks National Coming Out Day I have made a pair of cards perfect for the new Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs.


Featuring a hand stamped message onto white cotton tape, which has been stitched onto golden coloured wool felt and finished with a tortoise shell heart.┬áThe card is a beautiful sparkly frosted gold – perfect for a special day.


FYI…I firmly believe in the #loveislove message, and hope in my lifetime that I get to live in a world where ‘coming out’ is no big flippin’ deal. So with that in mind please know that any mean and nasty comments on this blog post will be deleted without debate. MrsM.x