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Week Thirty Seven: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I’ve been looking through some of my squirrelled away stashes for this year long 52 weeks of creativity project – stickers, fabric etc bought on a whim just because I love them, rather than having an end use in mind and trying to work them into a  make of some kind.

…Many a business ‘guru’ out there will be wincing as buying supplies in this way is most definitely not cost effective, but i’m sure many of my making peers will be nodding along whilst taking a surreptitious peek over their shoulder as some favourites tucked away ‘just in case!’


The focal point of this week make is from just such a piece of fabric – bought many, many moons ago during a trip to Sweden to see the Northern Lights – alas I didn’t see the light display but I did bag this amazing fabric!

A quick nose around online to find the maker tells me that it is now discontinued so it’s just become that bit more special to me!

Scandi Christmas Pennant

Here we have a Scandinavian Father Christmas motif printed onto lovely thick linen fabric which I have hand stitched on to a piece of white cotton embellished with iridescent snowflakes. This has then been mounted onto soft red wool felt which I have pimped with glittery film sourced from Felted Fancies Supplies.

…Let me digress for a minute this stuff (which is available in a rainbow of colours) is THE BOMB for anyone wanting to add a bit of sparkle to their projects – you can iron it on to any fabric…totally bloody brilliant and I have no doubt i’ll be using it elsewhere! (must resist the urge to glitter EVERYTHING!)

Right back to this pennant – because it’s a Christmas make and thus I believe there is no such thing as ‘too much’ I’ve also added a pom-pom trim (also sourced from Felted Fancies) and stitched a sweet little bell on to Santa’s hat.

Scandi Christmas Pennant

If you would like to own one of these then you can purchase one via my website here. Please bear in mind numbers are limited due to the fabric being discontinued, so once they’re gone, they are gone!


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Week Thirty Five: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

Festive fever has hit MrsM HQ this week, and I’ve tweaked one of this years new products – the micro pennants, to give it a Christmas feel.


The ho, ho, ho’s are hand embroidered in red and grey floss onto a piece of up-cycled cotton which is mounted on to lovely and soft red wool felt. Simple, but I’m rather pleased with how effective they look – and one shall be hanging by my fireplace come December.



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Week Twenty One: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

There are some rude words in the picture below so if you are easily offended and/or have weak heart, its probably best to skip this blog post!

This weeks make, sees another new product being introduced to the MrsMacMakes range and was inspired by those little plaques you see in gift shops – usually sporting an inspirational quote of some sort. (& usually mass produced)

micro pennant group

I’ve been wanting to expand the price point of my products, particularly at the lower end, but without compromising on quality and originality –  and I feel that these micro pennants have done that. These will priced at £9.50 each.

The prototypes above have been stitched with suggestions from my Facebook and Instagram followers, but they can easily feature a persons name or nickname. The only restriction is imagination…and too many letters!

micro montage


Ps: These were made last week and ready for Sunday nights (self-imposed) deadline, but a trip to London to celebrate a friends birthday meant that the photography got delayed…not forgotten honest, just delayed!

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Week Twenty: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I’m really excited to unveil these to the world. The idea has been bubbling away in the back of my brain and sometimes those can fall a bit flat when you turn them into reality, but thankfully that has not been the case with these initial pennants.

initial pennant IMG_0532

These two prototypes have been made with specific recipients in mind hence the girly floral pink and red, white & blue scheme, but when I launch them ‘proper’ I have a few more motifs in mind…watch this space!

intial pennant montage