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The Creative Process

I spotted this picture on Instagram a few days a go and it made me chuckle…

creative process


However it does have a bit of a serious side which I suspect all creative types can relate to – regardless of the fact that you are a stitcher like me, or perhaps you work as a magazine designer or maybe you are a painter…and so on. The serious bit is that old bitch ‘Self Doubt’ who seems to pop her head round the door at the most inconvenient time!

I’ve noticed that she pops in for a cuppa and a chat a little less in recent months. This has started to change as I’ve spent more time working on (not just in)  my business;  I’ve got more accepting of my own style and that in turn has seen me grow more confident in trying new things and actually experimenting with my style in ways that feel natural, and that in turn has seen a bit of a flurry in new product ideas.

I realised that the above process is okay as part of my own creative process – that’s my drama and it’s cool and actually is sometimes a crucial part of the process. If I didn’t have the ‘this is shit’ moments then I would’t keep playing and developing stuff and therefore would be producing the same old, same old….yawn! I had to get the quick unpick out on a project just this week, but as pout inducing as that was, it resulted in a much better end result.


However..and this has been important for me, hence i’m tapping the keyboard and sharing it with you – I’m coming to accept that people who who don’t like and want to invest in what I do is okay – and not let it punt me to the ‘I am shit’ spot on that list.

I had a bit of a drama with a customer earlier in the year that had me floundering around like I was the crappiest stitcher on the planet as I just couldn’t get the job right for her. I eventually got the project finished, but it wasn’t my style and I wasn’t happy in having made it – just relieved that it was over.

Since then I’ve been learning to be more like ‘that’s cool, I’m not your thing’  (& maybe blow a small raspberry at them!)  I am not going to try and make my work fit what they want, and you know the great thing about Instagram and it’s ilk, is that I might actually be able to point them in the direction of someone who does do what they want.