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Week Fifteen: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I little while back I went through a phase of buying and subscribing to an array of craft magazines, suckered in by the beautiful imagery and promises that they could help me develop and expand my little handmade business.

Well after a couple of years of that – what I can now call – nonsense I realised that the only thing that is going to help develop and expand MrsMacMakes is MrsMac herself!  There are no shortcuts or quick wins when it comes to creativity. (There are still however pretty pictures and I do still find myself succumbing occasionally as a ‘treat!’)

As a little reminder of this time,  tucked away in a corner of my ‘studio’ aka the caravan are little piles of magazines, and often these came with a free gift to further entice one to part with your £4.95 (just imagine how much fabric I could have bought instead!) So this week I decided to tackle one of these for my 52 weeks of creativity challenge.

I opted to make the Belle & Boo needle case that once upon a time came free with Mollie Makes magazine. This one appealed as it was something useful and I could actually envisage me using it. Reading the instructions, I thought hmmmm this looks like its going to be straight forward.

week 15

Straight forward was one way of putting it.

The kit included a printed cardboard outer – featuring the aforementioned Belle & Boo illustration, to which I had to affix a felt inner sleeve for the needles. This could be stapled or glued…I did opt for stitching just to reduce the lame-ometer a tad!  Then it was a case of threading through the ribbon, sticking in the supplied needles (useful, so a good freebie for this point) and voila.

It was so bloomin’ easy that I am almost too embarrassed to submit it as a make, but I shall as it gets me up to date for a change!

week 15




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