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Week Fourteen: 52 Weeks of Creativity

I recently helped my lovely mum de-clutter her wardrobe; she wanted a good purge and a clear out as she is now retired and doesn’t need office clothes. As a result I scored myself some rather gorgeous new goodies -huzzah!  My haul included this black top…

week 14
Yes – my neck is THAT long. I clearly have giraffe genetics.

I love the fit and the ruched detailing on the sleeves but I felt the corsage bit looked a bit lacking and just sort of splodged on! So I had a dig through my stash of beads and wotnots and settled on adding some pearls to pimp it up a bit.

week 14

I added six pearl beads in total – in two different sizes. I was tempted to keep going, but as him indoors reminded me sometime less is more!

I’m going to wear this with strands of pearls and a slick of red lippy!  If I can get a piccie of me in said ensemble where I’m not looking like a complete lunatic I’ll share it with you!

week 14