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Week Nineteen: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

You are forgiven for feeling a sense of deja vu whilst scrolling through the pictures of my latest make…

do small things cushion

I initially planned and had actually roughed-out this particular piece for week twelve, but a busy week back then with orders and wotnot meant that it got shelved for a future date.

Well it seemed that it’s time had finally arrived, and voila…

week 19

The cushion features the quote ‘Do small things with great love‘ which I think is a great sentiment and a brilliant reminder to pay attention to the things in our life that we can deem to be small or inconsequential. All those small things can eventually add up to some seriously big shit and make a huge difference – to you or someone else!

The quote has been attributed to Mother Teresa, although on perusing the internet to write this blog I see there is some doubt over whether she actually said it.

I hand embroidered the words in pink embroidery floss and then framed the words with pink flowers made from lovely and soft wool felt, also stitched on by hand.

cushion detail

The cushion is backed by a piece of beautiful Arthur Sanderson & Sons floral fabric called ‘Little Chelsea’ which was printed c.1990.

cushion week 19