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Week Sixteen: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

Well, lookie here…i’m a day late writing this again! It’s been a busy time here at Casa Mac as we have been preparing the foundations for our new extension. I have a vested interested in the little pod we are attaching to our cottage as it will house my new workroom.

diggerThis weekend armed with armed with a mini-digger and a baby dumper truck and a couple of brilliant friends we set about moving several tonnes of earth and rubble. As always with building tasks we under-estimated how long it would take and ended up working into Monday night to get it all done. However we eased under the duvet last night with sore backs but happy hearts that we can now tick that job off.

Anyhow in between playing with the big boys toys I did squeeze in some stitching and voila, here is week sixteen’s offering…

childrens hanger

Some time a go I bought a set of vintage nursery hangers from the excellent Nicholas & Steele who describe themselves as “sellers and makers of vintage finds and fripperies.”

The hangers have wonderful circus scenes cut into them and I knew as soon as I saw them I wanted to create a series of wall hangings suitable for a child’s room.

I hand embroidered the words “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars’ in grey embroidery floss – I had intended to mount the panel onto  grey felt but once the piece was completed it looked better on the deep blue I finally used.

hanger detais

The letters are accompanied by pictorial elements made from lovely and soft wool felt and embellished with pearls, star shaped sequins and sparkly thread. The panel is hung from the coat hanger with glittery silver ribbon.

One of the great things about making pieces like this is that they are fully customisable and you can alter the elements to suit any colour scheme. I envisage one these hangers becoming  family heirloom pieces.