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Week Thirty One: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

There’s a lot of social media out there at the moment for us all to lose ourselves in. Personally i’m a big fan of Instagram and can often be found having a sneaky scroll through the pictures on my feed.

One of the people I follow is a lady called Sophie and her feed can be found under  the name Grain and Knot – unsurprisingly she makes beautiful things out of wood, and runs workshops from her base in London where you can have a go yourself.

Recently she ran a competition to win a bucket load of her goodies – that was tempting in itself, but being a crafty chick she set an appropriately creative challenge to be in with a chance to win the stash.

The rules of entry were to design a postcard – simple. Except when i got my thinking cap on, i couldn’t decide how I wanted to approach it – straight out arty farty, or a  bit of humour, or a souvenir approach of my home town.

Thankfully Sophie decided to allow more than one entry per person so I decided to submit two. The first my usual embroidered style and the second a more humorous approach.



The first postcard features lovely wool felt flowers that you will have spotted  elsewhere in my work and the embroidered quote ‘Be Always Blooming’ all finished off with a couple of sparkly butterfly shaped sequins. All mounted on denim from a pair of discarded jeans.

blooming postcard

The second is a bit of departure style wise for me. I found the ‘Dear Fork’ piece on  Pinterest and it made me chuckle and it felt totally appropriate for Sophie given that she makes beautiful hand carved spoons.

To make it work together I decided to hand embroider a place setting in simple black embroidery thread – the teeny tiny stitches were a bit of a challenge! I then typed the letter onto the plate using my old Smith Corona typewriter – this was a first for me and i’m delighted with how this worked, so expect to see this technique again! For added ‘authenticity’ the fabric I used is an old piece of table cloth – and voila here it is…

dear fork postcard