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Week Three: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I’m a tad late posting this but I did make it on time and I have a good excuse for not letting you all know sooner….I promise!

So firstly here it is… A felt heart bunting style garland in shades of pink and white, and then embellished with pretty fabric panels and sequins.

week 3 52 weeks

I was actually in a bit of a dither whether to make this horizontally (as pictured) or vertically, so many thanks go to the folk on my Facebook and Instagram feeds who took the time to give me their thoughts. As is often the way, the vote fell pretty much 50/50!

So I decided to make one of each and see how it went. This bunting style – whilst fun to make won’t be making it into a final product run and will remain a prototype.  But why I hear you ask?! Well. I’m just not happy with the way the hearts hang in this format – which is all to do with their shape and gravity – unless the garland is pressed flat to a wall the hearts want to flip over.

week 3 detail

I love the way the vertical versions hang, and the series of shadows they cast and little sparkles and twinkles from the sequins as they twist and move. So a series of these will make it in to my shop in due course.

Oh and the reason i’m posting this rather late is all thanks to my lovely friend Mark turning 50 and whisking us up north to explore the delights of Glasgow, Aberdeen and then onto Shetland for the splendid Up Helly Aa festival. I shall just say that we ate, drank and were very (very!) merry and leave you with this picture of me attempting to channel my inner Viking…pimped up MrsM style of course!

up helly aa