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Week Twenty Eight: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

When planning new products for the shop sometimes ideas just waft into my brain (usually when I should be concentrating on something else) or I’ll spot something – a button or a piece of fabric that’ll get the old grey cells fired up.

However, just occasionally I try and be all #girlboss like and have a proper strategy session where I think about building on existing products. This latter approach is also the more sensible grown-up and businesslike option as it tends to keep materials costs down.

However I must confess I’m not always that disciplined at this approach, partly because doing things like ‘strategy sessions’ is what saw me running screaming from my previous 9-5, and partly because I tend to be a bit like Dory and find myself going ‘ooh look shiny fabric’ at any given moment.


But like all good tales, there is an exception to the rule, and voila this weeks make is just that. Building on the hand stamped lettering format that I use for some of my cards, I’ve developed a range of notebooks.

Now I’m a bit of a stationery fiend – I can’t resist a new pen or quirky eraser, and the first of these off the making table –  ‘Thoughts, Hopes & Dreams’ was just for me!

During my testing, I’ve been really pleased by the great quality kraft style notebooks I’ve managed to source. Lightweight, but not too floppy – with plain 150 gsm pages. Onto the cover of which I have mounted my MrsM elements.

notebooks montage

Here is a small selection – which I shall be building on and adding to my shop in due course. The notebooks will be available in A4 and A5 and can be customised to feature your own message and can be sent out blinged or more au-naturelle.