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Week Twenty Five: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at MrsM HQ – we’ve had our ace builder Jon working on footings for our new extension which will house my new sewing room (more on that later) the garden has gone a bit mental thanks to this crazy weather and thus needing some serious TLC (we have an acre so ‘tending’ it can be a bit full on) and I’ve had a little flurry of wedding commissions which always bring a smile to my face, what with being a bit of a secret romantic.

I’m also working on a really big (well big for me!) piece of embroidery which will be unveiled in due course, but for that I wanted to work in some layers and texture, for that I needed to brush up on some existing stitching skills and have a try at some new ones.

week 25

So for this weeks creativity challenge I sat down with my Anchor Embroidery ‘100 Embroidery Stitches’ book, published by J&P Coats in 1967 and tried out a few stitches. Most of the work I do is typographical and linear so I tend to use framing and edging stitches. Although occasionally I do like to bust out a satin stitch as spotted in my ‘Courage’ pennant.

embroidery book cover

I do have some newer reference books, but I find the illustrations and descriptions in this one easy to follow…in most instances – Bullion stitch might be an exception!

embroidery book