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Week Twenty Four: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

I long a go pinned a picture of a sparkly coat hanger on my Pinterest page with the intention of working out how the heck to best do it.

Well with the help of the wonderful world wide web you don’t even need to flex the old grey matter, you can simply google and voila, some helpful soul will have (usually) supplied the answer.

In this instance I found two ways to tackle blinging up your bog standard wooden coat hanger and opted to try the method suggested by Something Turquoise which you can see here.

Picture from:
Picture from:


Now, Jen the human behind Something Turquoise is American – hence the measurements are given in yards and feet, and me being a bit eager to crack on I didn’t bother to turn once again to my trusty computer and convert this into metres…but I can tell you that 5 metres of sequins won’t quite do it!

So if you can all be good sports and ignore the bare bit, and trust me when I say that i’ll patch it up once my delivery arrives!


I don’t intend to use this as a wedding hanger (as suggested on the ST blog) but have something entirely different in mind…which will be revealed in due course, so watch this space! It’s also inspired me to try a new product idea..woo!

hanger montage


PS: Can we all just take a minute to enjoy, lust, drool and covet her gorgeous sewing room!