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Week Twenty Nine: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

A little while back I was approached by my friend Jonathan to produce something very special for his fiancé that he could present to her on their wedding day.

It was such a brilliant idea, and I was so flattered to have been asked that I …

….bottled it and said how lovely, thanks for thinking of me, but nope, no, sorry, but I couldn’t do it – I didn’t have the skills.

Well thankfully for me Jonathan persisted, sent me an example of something I’d made previously that he wanted tweaked and somehow managed to get me to say yes, and look….LOOK how bloomin’ brilliant these turned out!


All kudos to my clever friend for the brilliant vision he had, and I am delighted (& a tad relieved!) that I managed to execute it for him.


As you can see from the pictures I hand embroidered the brides new married name on one Converse boot (something ‘new’) and on the other added a hot pink felt Gerbera inspired flower (this is the flower that featured in the bride bouquet and grooms button hole) I decided to add a vintage button (something ‘old) to the centre of the flower, affixed with blue thread (something ‘blue’)


My thanks go to Jonathan for having faith in me, and also to the lovely message I received after the wedding from the new Mrs Bray telling me she ‘bloody loves them.’

I may have to make myself a MrsMac pair now…