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Week Twenty One: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

There are some rude words in the picture below so if you are easily offended and/or have weak heart, its probably best to skip this blog post!

This weeks make, sees another new product being introduced to the MrsMacMakes range and was inspired by those little plaques you see in gift shops – usually sporting an inspirational quote of some sort. (& usually mass produced)

micro pennant group

I’ve been wanting to expand the price point of my products, particularly at the lower end, but without compromising on quality and originality –  and I feel that these micro pennants have done that. These will priced at £9.50 each.

The prototypes above have been stitched with suggestions from my Facebook and Instagram followers, but they can easily feature a persons name or nickname. The only restriction is imagination…and too many letters!

micro montage


Ps: These were made last week and ready for Sunday nights (self-imposed) deadline, but a trip to London to celebrate a friends birthday meant that the photography got delayed…not forgotten honest, just delayed!