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Weeks Forty-Forty Two: 52 Weeks Of Creativity

So last year (2016 ) I set myself the challenge of making something new every week. This didn’t include commissions I was working on, so each thing had to be fresh and exciting.

To say that I found it difficult would be putting it lightly! Inspiration and planning the pieces takes a considerable chunk of time, and of course there is the actual making, followed by the photographing and blogging. Possibly do-able if I wasn’t juggling paid-for makes…and if I was a damn sight more disciplined!

So I’ll put my hand up and say I failed..YUP over here…ME. TOTAl FAILURE! Except I really, really don’t view that as a bad thing, because I learned an absolute bucket load about me, and my business in the process, and will be implementing some changes behind the scenes as we head through 2017.

Plus…I’m ‘only’ 10 weeks short, and as you will have spotted in my last post – I went and opened a real life shop so I reckon that’s a big old excuse!

So the only thing for me to do is bring up to date the pieces I did make, but failed to find the time to make note of…

Week Forty:

These were an experiment using my typewriter to apply text to fabric – which went remarkably well, and something I am going to develop for some new pieces.

I had intended to frame these ‘canvas style’ but my wood working skills it turns out are quite frankly appalling so I had to give up on that idea. Husband said he would help, but as he’s busy with our house renovations they’ll no doubt stay like this for a little while!





Week Forty One:

In recent years, since acquiring a husband and a joint account I have become really lax in terms of my personal spending. Husband is the primary bread winner and tends to keep an eye on it all, so I’ve got rather lazy. Oooh OUCH – that’s a bit of a horrid – somewhat embarrassing revelation if i’m honest. So towards the end of last year I resolved to stop being such a sap and bring some order and honesty to my personal finances. (In a complete flip I am super strict on MMM finances…I’m THAT lunatic who files her tax return on 1st May!)

One of the things that got repeated rather often on those ‘be your own financial superhero’ type of articles was separating your cash and your cards – so you have to consciously think about HOW you are spending the cash.

So my first make to enable that process was my own little CC wallet. There are heaps of ‘how to’ videos on You Tube, and I opted to make mine from a chunky felt with retro inspired fabric panel, edged in ribbon and finished with an elastic closure.

card wallet

A simple two-sided affair – i’m using one side for credit & debit cards and the other for loyalty cards.

A couple of things to note…I made the elastic a smidge too tight. It works, but a few mm’s would be better. Also a pale fabric was probably not such a good move as it is looking a tad grubby.

Week Forty Two:

To complement the card holder, I made a matching coin purse the following week. Again heaps of how-to on the internet. The size of mine was governed by a zip I had going spare, and as you can see I made it from matching fabric.

coin purse

again this is probably a tad pale and is stating to look a bit grubby. I decided to be a bit clever and add a dividing pocket – but if i’m honest it’s not really needed.

This little experiment is going so well – I’m actually spending LESS MONEY than before! So it’s really unlikely that i’ll return to using  a classic purse or wallet set-up. However there is less place to store things – like stamps and other less used loyalty cards that used to get stashed in my purse, but on the plus side there is also nowhere for receipts to build-up, so I am much more organised and on top of my paperwork than previously.


So voila…that is it. Complete. Fin. Finished. The end!

Thanks to all who stuck through this challenge with me, I hope it’s inspired you to get crafty or maybe tackle a little up-cycle you’ve been toying with.

If you are thinking of setting yourself a similar challenge – GO FOR IT. You won’t ‘fail’ even if you make 1, 2,3 things as you’ll have got started, learn some stuff and hopefully have some fun on the way!

Mrs Mxx