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You Can keep Your Hat On…

Like all of us in this day and age I am a wearer of many hats, and sometimes it feels like they are all trying to cram onto my head at the same time.


The past couple of weeks have been a bit like that, with me frantically trying to do everything that is required of me – I have a part-time out of the house job, and another little venture that I (normally) work on from home with MrMac – although it did just take us overseas for 10 days, 10 exciting and fun but busy days. Plus of course there is the usual house stuff that has to be done and the family stuff that we want to do.

Whilst trying to be all things to all people, I’m generally in the middle having that horrible nagging sensation that I’m doing none of it terribly well!

At times like this it always seems to be my sewing that gets short-changed and popped to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. Once I’ve ploughed through everything else and popped up for air I always feel a bit resentful that I haven’t had time to sew and work on growing MrsMacMakes.

The thing is though there is no-one but myself to be grumpy at! After all it’s me setting my schedule and writing the list!

Time for me to start prioritising my list a little differently and perhaps not worrying so much if the ironing pile looks like Mount Vesuvius or if the bed doesn’t get made one morning.

I wonder if I can do it…